Support / FAQ

Please find Help & Simple Instructions of how to use this application below.

Screenshots with Detailed Instructions below!

The first picture on the left shows the first page you see when you click on the app.

The ‘Import’ button on the top left of the screen allows you to import songs straight from your iPod library. The songs then get stored in the IAC database to use in the Cartwall or Players. The (+) symbol lets you to create a ‘Cart Set’. You can name that Cart Set whatever you want. This is where your custom Cartwall is stored. The Dock at the bottom of the screen is where you do all of your navigation, ‘Home’ is the screen to the left. ‘Players’ is where you can play all of your imported tracks, ‘Play In Background’ allows you to leave the app and the music will carry on in the background. You can disable this by pressing the button again. ‘Restore InApp Purchases’ will allow the app to check to see if you have purchased any App Purchases and restore so you have the full version, and ‘About IAC’ is where you will find links to our twitter page (@IAC_Cartwall) and Website.


You will need to import audio into the IAC database before you can add iPod Music/Sounds onto the cart wall via the edit page.

Too load audio into the Cartwall simply click on the orange ‘Edit’ button (top right) and then choose what square you would like to edit.

Then an ‘Edit Page’ will pop up (on right) and give options to add audio such as, IAC Music or your Imported iPod Music.

Choose a colour of that square and add a brief title of that track. (Please keep title short)


Once you have added as many Tracks/Sounds to the Cartwall you will notice speaker symbols indicating ‘NO Volume’. This means you are still in ‘Edit Mode’. You can still edit each individual button on the screen.

When finished editing your Cartwall, click the green ‘Done’ button (top right) to make the Cartwall ‘LIVE!’


When you have clicked on ‘Done’ You will notice the speaker symbols indicate ‘Volume’. This means the Cartwall is live and can play the audio that you have loaded in.

If you press the button multiple times it will always start from the beginning until you release.

The Cartwall also has it’s own ‘Stop All’ button. This will stop all audio coming from the Cartwall only.

Navigate to the players and you will find 3 players ready to load audio into them. You would of needed to import tracks from the iPod Library  on the home screen.

To load Audio/Tracks click the ‘+’ symbol. This will bring up all of your imports which can be loaded into the selected Player. Each Player has a ‘Fade Out’ feature what can fade the track out within 4-5 seconds and then resets back to the start.

On the right hand side you will see a search feature which will make navigating through your imported iPod library much easier.

Any Questions you may have, Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

I hope you enjoy using iAC Cartwall!