iAC Reviews

Innovation at its finest ★★★★★    by Ajay84

It’s rare to see an app that defines new benchmarks in the music niche, but this app certainly does. I’ve been playing around with this app for hours, and loaded the cartwall itself with my most-played tracks on the iPhone so I don’t have to search my playlists whilst I’m driving – I can just press the song I want to play. I can see this being a massive hit amongst music geeks though. Glad I’ve downloaded it before David Guetta!

Superb ‘On Air’ app ★★★★★

by gazradioshow

Extremely easy to load and use, an incredible radio or entertainment playout system, literally ‘at your finger tips’.

Great app – handy in app purchases ★★★★★    by it’s-that-stuart-kid

Great for use on radio

Great support ★★★★★

by EduK1711

Had some problems with the in-app purchase, but there was prompt support by the developper. Now everything works fine. Very nice designed app.

Highly Recommend ★★★★★    by Jamestown Jester

Excellent app. Simple to use, yet very sophisticated.

Perfect ★★★★★

by ErikNSwanson

I was looking for an app that worked just like this. Completely customizable and easy to use. Just wish I found it sooner.

Best Free Customizable Soundboard ★★★★    by JayAreJay 

In my search of a user-friendly, simple, customizable soundboard, I happened to stumble upon this app. With no reviews, I was hesitant to install. However, unlike the other apps I’ve seen, this one was free, so I gave it a chance. I’m so relieved to have found this app! I only wish I had found this sooner so I wouldn’t have wasted so many hours looking for other sound board applications. This is my first ever review and I found it necessary to give it the credit it deserves. With the capability of using tracks on iTunes as individual buttons, the capacity to hold a good amount of buttons in one set, and the ability to have multiple sets, this free app is hard to beat! It may not be as fancy or have as many bells and whistles as paid apps, but it gets the job done if you are looking a simple press-and-play application. Hey, you can’t go wrong if it’s free! The only thing I wish it had is the function to delete sets and the ability to customize the tool bar on the right. Other than minor preferences, this app is great! Thanks so much!